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Pool Table 911 has added Wholesale Distribution of billiard cloth & supplies. We sell to commercial accounts like pool rooms, table dealers & pool table mechanics. If you would like to be added to our list of wholesale customers please send us an e-mail.

Buy American Made Used Pool Tables!

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Hi...My name is Pat O'Donnell and I am a professional pool table mechanic. There are alot of pool tables for sale here on the internet. Most are inferior Asian made tables with American company names. I have been working on tables since 1991 and can tell you the quality differences between USA tables and Asian tables are huge. Their are internet companies offering new "all wood"pool tables for $1399.00. They claim the MSRP is double sometimes triple the quoted price. This is a marketing ploy. They are not even worth the $1399.00 they are asking. Alot of these tables look great but the construction and materials are sub par. I reccommend buying used American tables. You will get the best bang for your buck. I have pleanty of these tables in stock. Please call with any questions or advice on buying a table.

All my used tables are MADE IN THE USA!

Imperial International

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Did you know Imperial International has been in the billiard industry since 1955? They are based right here in New Jersey!